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  • How To Choose the Perfect Throwing Knife
    “I enjoy squaring up to the wooden target, taking a breath, extending my arm sharply, and letting the blade fly. Off it goes, turning exactly one and a half times on its way toward the red circle in the center. Then, with a solid thunk, it sticks,” writes William Gurstelle, who recently took up knife […]
    Erin Masercola
  • The Gold Knife: The true story of travels with Charlie Genella
    This article was originally published May 23, 2016. Charlie Genella was walking the aisles of the Birmingham Gun Show. This late-1970’s gun show, sponsored by the Alabama Gun Collectors Association, was also hosting the Alabama Knife Collectors Club. Military knife authorities M. H. Cole and Roger Ballard were active members of the Alabama Gun Collectors […]
    Deepa Thakur
  • The Truth About Aging Steel (Part 1)
    Testing reveals that the older some knives are, the better they cut. This article was originally published on June 14, 2016 Objective performance testing of knives is controversial. There is no recognized standard of cutting performance that individual knife users can perform at home to achieve comparisons with knives in use by someone else. Instead, […]
    Deepa Thakur