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  • Knives Illustrated Interview with Ken Onion at Blade Show West 2019
    Knives Illustrated’s Amber Hargrove & Bobby Bushcraft Interview Ken Onion & Doug Flagg from CRKT at BLADE Show West 2019 in Portland, Oregon. Don’t miss the rest of Amber’s interviews on our YouTube channel at KnivesIllustratedMagazine! TONS of great meetups!   Check out Knives Illustrated on Facebook @KnivesIllustrated and on Instagram @KnivesIllustratedMagazine and subscribe to our […]
    KI Staff
  • Why You Need More Swiss Army Knives
    You may remember your very first Swiss Army Knife, and you may even still have it. There’s something about them that exudes nostalgia, warmth and caring. Swiss Army Knives are the go-to first pocketknife for many knife lovers. Holiday Presents Opportunities Holiday gift-giving is a perfect time for you to start a new tradition. Some […]
    KI Staff
  • How to Use Knives for Self-Defense: A Surprising Revelation
    You may be a knife enthusiast, but have you ever thought about using your knives to defend against an attacker? In the heat of a moment like that, there isn’t much time for thought. Learning how to protect yourself can literally be lifesaving. You need to know how to use knives for self-defense. By: Michael […]
    Quinton Darnell