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  • The Bags of Blade
    Everywhere we turned, there were amazing bags on the backs, shoulders, arms, and even LEGS of #BladeShow2019 attendees! Take a look!  
  • The Fine Details: Jason Johnson’s Sabertooth is All About Function and Form
    When Christopher Doner met up with the infamous combat knife thrower Jason Johnson, he learned about Jason’s Sabertooth knife, soon to go into production with M3 Tactical Tech. We have a full breakdown of Christopher’s review of the knife in our print issue of Knives Illustrated, and it’s a great read! Jason and Christopher were […]
  • Tim Pulls a Confession Out of His Pocket
    Text and Photos by Tim Stetzer   Confession: I’m not a big fan of multi-tools I appreciate their utility and the options they provide, but I never end up carrying them. I have one in my car, in my range bag, and in my patrol bag at work, but you’ll probably never find me carrying […]